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Why Is The Proper Grind Important In Making Coffee? 

December 06, 2022 3 min read

Why Proper Grind Important

Baristas and coffee lovers know that picking the right grinder is of utmost importance. But why? Why is the right grinder, and by extension, the proper grind important? This is because it's the key to the perfect shot of espresso. Grind plays the starring role in the taste of your coffee. How so? Continue reading today’s blog article to find out!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get the Grind Right When Making Coffee

There are several reasons why it’s crucial to get the right grind when making your coffee. A few of these reasons include:

1). The Grind Affects the Taste of Your Coffee

Proper grind is essential for the ideal cup of coffee. As such, many contend that a quality coffee grinder is the most crucial piece of equipment among coffee tools. Sure enough, if you try to use a subpar grinder, even the most svelte espresso machine will fall short. 

When making expresso, for example, too coarse a grind will lead to a weak shot of espresso while too fine a grind will mean too much extraction, hence a bitter, unpleasing taste. The perfect grind should be relatively fine and uniform.

2). Grind Affects Absorption 

Along with the degree of roast and freshness of the beans, grind also affects coffee absorption. Grinding increases the surface area of the beans that comes into contact with water. As such, finer grinds allow water to extract flavour more easily while removing acids and oils. 

On the flip side, an uneven, coarse grind makes it hard for the water to extract flavour, leading to weak, light shots. For a flavourful cup, therefore, evenly spread, finer grinds are better.  They dissolve more easily in water, releasing the flavour almost immediately.  

Why Proper Grind Important

3). Proper Grind Ensures Coffee Does Not Clamp Together

Coffee grind size is no small matter. Have you ever seen lumpy ground coffee whose particles clump together? Such clumps minimise the surface area coming into contact with water, which leads to poor extraction. 

With that said, when you grind too coarsely, you won't be able to extract all the flavour from your coffee beans, which will affect the taste of your brews. If ground too finely, however, you can end up with grounds that are too small to melt into the espresso before it gets pulled through the filter, resulting in that lumpy texture that people call 'finesse'.

4). To Match the Filter Type

Filters and grind size go hand in hand. If you're using a single-cup filter, for example, then you need medium-ground or coarse-ground coffee to give the water enough time to pass through it to extract the flavour. A fine grind in such a case would make the brewed coffee too strong for many people. 

If you're using a pour-over filter, then you want to grind your coffee beans finer so that they can be soaked in hot water for 30-45 seconds before being dumped out into the filter. The shorter the time spent on a filter, the finer your grind should be.

5). Ensures Coffee Stays Intact During Brewing

The heat and pressure of the coffee beans are enough to keep particles from escaping and making a mess but sometimes, too fine a grind leaves messes. If you're tired of shoddy cups of Joe, then getting the grind straight is something you should consider.

Pesado Precision Tools

The correct grind is essential. It makes your coffee flavourful and delicious. With that being said, how can you get your perfect grind? Get a burr coffee grinder! It can help you get the grind size you desire for your perfect cup of coffee.

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