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Best Espresso Machine for Beginners

December 16, 2022 7 min read

Best Espresso Machine for Beginners

Are you in the market for an espresso machine for your house or office? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices of machines available today? If so, you’re in the right place! This article will explore the espresso machines you can buy today and start making espresso drinks similar to what you buy at your favourite café. 

If you’re interested in a machine that will deliver a rich shot and that sleek textured milk, we will also share two top picks for the best espresso machine for beginners that will meet your needs.

Elements Of A Beginner-Friendly Espresso Machine 

1). Boiler Setup 

Typically, you can choose between a single-boiler and a dual-boiler espresso machine. A Dual boiler comes with two boilers that supply steam to the group head and the steam wand. Consequently, there is no transition time between pulling your espresso shots and steaming milk. This means both can be done without waiting for the machine to build steam. 

As you can appreciate, this advanced feature adds complexity to the setup and increases costs. For beginners, this could be a feature to forgo. However, if you can purchase a dual-boiler espresso machine, it will elevate your experience that much higher. 

On the other hand, a single boiler setup has one boiler to heat water for pulling espresso shots and the steam wand. In most single-boiler models, you must wait for the machine to build pressure between pulling shots and steaming milk. 

With that said, one of our picks for the best beginner-friendly espresso machine has an advanced boiler that builds up pressure exceptionally fast, lowering the transition time. Effectively, it allows you to achieve the same results as a dual boiler, only with a single boiler.

2). Consistent Water Boiler 

Your espresso machine should have a fast and consistent water heater to enhance the consistency of your espresso. The last thing you want is a machine that allows water to fluctuate above and below the ideal temperature. As such, you should look for an espresso machine with Proportional, Integral, Derivative Controller (PID) technology and a digital temperature controller. A PID controller has a more advanced temperature control capability and is better at controlling the ideal water temperature.

3). Filter Basket Type 

Beginners should settle for a multiple filter basket because it’s more forgiving to inconsistencies in the ground, dose, and tamp. Our picks for the best espresso machine for novices have a dual-wall filter basket, which only allows the espresso to exist from a single hole in the middle of the basket rather than multiple holes, as is the case with single-wall basket filters. By forcing the espresso to evacuate from a single hole, it enhances and balances the extraction of coffee throughout the dose.

4). Powerful And Reliable Steam Wand And Pump 

A strong and reliable pump is essential in ensuring proper extraction of espresso from the packed dose. On the other hand, the steam wand should have enough power to froth the milk into smooth, velvety foam devoid of bubbles.

Ultimately, the best home setup for beginners has to be convenient and easy to use while producing a cup of espresso that is exquisite every time. Additionally, the machine should help you explore the vast realm of coffee-making or even perfect your skills. 

Our Top Picks For The Best Espresso Machine for Beginners 

We’ve picked espresso machines designed to yield the best user experience for coffee enthusiasts across the board. The machines we explore below are great for you if you’re just learning about grinding, tamping, or any other process. They are also suitable for intermediate espresso-making skills. 

Here are our top espresso machine picks that every beginner should consider. The machines are appropriately priced for someone just starting while still featuring everything a beginner might need to make a great cup of espresso at home.

1). Breville Infuser Coffee Machine 

Best Espresso Machine for Beginners

The Breville Infuser espresso machine proves that you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars to enjoy a freshly made espresso at home. You can consider this espresso machine as a high-powered tool that will help you explore everything you need to learn about espresso brewing. The machine will guide you through perfecting your craft, ensuring you enjoy the nuances present in the different varieties of coffee. 

This mid-priced espresso machine is not the cheapest you can purchase. However, it has a slew of features that elevate your espresso-making experience. In a nutshell, the machine increases the odds of pulling the perfect shot of espresso, even when you’re a novice.

The features of a Breville Infuser espresso machine include:

Intuitive User Interface – It comes with an intuitive user interface consisting of a power button and a program button on the left flank of the interface, a button for a single shot, and another button for a double shot button on the right flank of the interface. Right in the middle is a pressure gauge that guides you to perfect extraction. It also has a knob on the right side that allows you to control the steam wand. 

The controls are designed to be as intuitive as possible. You don’t have to guess your way around the controls. Everything is easy to understand at first glance.

Volumetric Control – The Breville Infuser has a volumetric control that automatically controls the volume of your espresso. Manually controlling how much espresso you wind up with is not the easiest thing in the world of coffee making, especially for novice espresso makers. This feature helps beginners create an ideal espresso shot while improving their overall knowledge and experience in making espressos. 

PID Temperature Controls – Its PID control feature allows you to control and adjust the temperature in increments of 4⁰F. Along with the pressure gauge, beginners can pull the perfect shot. Importantly, the Infuser’s default settings are designed to help beginners make the almost ideal espresso without altering the setting. However, the range of controls also allows beginners to explore the scope of making espresso.

Accessories – The infusers come with several accessories, including filter baskets (two single filter baskets and two double filter baskets), a plastic tamper, a cleaning brush, stainless steel pitcher, a coffee scoop, a razor dose trimming tool, cleaning discs and tablets, etc. 

That said, you can elevate your espresso-making experience with various Pesado accessories compatible with the Breville Infuser, such as ourprecision-machined tamper,electro-polished finish filters,spouted portafilter, ornaked portafilter. Pesado accessories are designed as an upgrade to OEM accessories. Not only are they compatible with the Infuser, but they’re also robust and optimised to beginners pull the perfect, rich-tasting, and smooth espresso. Our accessories will make a world of difference in your journey of exploring the art and craft of making espresso.

Automatic Cleaning Notification – This espresso machine has an auto-purge function that reminds it is time to perform maintenance. Importantly, the machine is low maintenance, making it easy to clean regularly.

Notable Drawbacks Of Breville Infuser Coffee Machines

#1. It Lacks A Built-In Grinder – The Breville Infuser espresso machine does not have a built-in grinder. If you need a built-in grinder, you’ll have to move to a higher Breville model, such as the Barista Express. However, you’ll have to spend a lot more. As such, the Barista Express isn’t a beginner-friendly expression machine.

#2. Bulky Size – While the Breville Infuser espresso machine is built to last with an impeccable spec sheet for a beginner espresso machine, it also comes with a plus size. The Infuser is not the most compact espresso machine on the market. You need to dedicate considerably more space to your kitchen countertop than the other beginner machines.

#3. Various features to get used to - It requires users to read about making espresso and controlling the myriad of variables. For instance, you need to know how best to control temperature.

2). La Marzocco Coffee Machine

Best Espresso Machine for Beginners

The La Marzocco Linea Mini is one of the most popular espresso machines on the market. It has found a huge following among pro baristas and consumers worldwide, and for a good reason. This espresso machine is well-apportioned with various features without being too complicated for novices to use.

The features of a La Marzocco coffee machine include:

Intuitive, Easy-To-Use User-Interface – Every aspect of the controls is designed with simplicity and ease of use. Take the paddle as an example. It functions as an on/off switch and allows you to control the water flow in a tactile and intuitive manner. 

PID Temperature Controls – You can use the temperature adjustment knob fitted to the side. The knob allows you to control the precise water temperature between 85 to 95 degrees Celsius, allowing you to explore the flavour profile of your coffee. The integrated brew group helps to achieve thermal stability during brewing. Additionally, it also comes with a thermal stability system that stabilises water temperature, negating the effects of temperature fluctuations.

Dual Boiler – The Linear Mini has two boilers dedicated to brewing your espresso and steaming milk. The dual boiler system does away with the transition from pulling your shot to steaming the milk, which is common with single boiler machines. While the dual boiler setup is the main reason this espresso machine is expensive, it is worth it once you get into a routine of brewing your espresso at home. 

Pre-Infusion – The pre-infusion feature is especially helpful for beginners who are bound to have some irregularities in their tamping. The Linear Mini gently releases a stream of water, settling any irregularities in your ground. After that, it releases the full water pressure onto the settled ground. Importantly, the pre-infusion allows beginners to achieve uniform extraction.

Accessories – Some of the accessories that the La Marzocco Linea Mini comes with include a double-spout and single-spout portafilter, built-in lighting, etc.

Notable Drawbacks (But Not Deal-Breakers) Of La Marzocco Coffee Machines

#1. Temperature Control Can Be Difficult – Temperature control on the La Marzocco Coffee Machine is not as easy as expected for the price you pay.

Final Thoughts 

Making espresso at home can be joyous and, often time, a thrilling experience. If you’re a beginner, the Breville Infuser Coffee Machine and the La Marzocco Coffee Machine stand out as two of the best beginner-friendly espresso machines. The machines come at different prices, allowing you to choose the most appropriate for your budget.

Additionally, as Semiautomatic machines, they will help you control the variable as you pull your shots whilst giving you the freedom to explore some. You cannot go wrong by choosing either machine.

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