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About Us

At Pesado we believe excellent coffee comes from precision.

We create precision coffee tools in Melbourne, each piece reflects our passion and is developed with quality and functionality at the top of our priorities, with a special focus on the finish and aesthetics.

Our signature is the Pesado 58.5 Tamper, fitted with a base machined from 316 grade stainless steel with a sharp 90 degree double edge, 58.5mm diameter extends the total tamped surface area for an optimal tamping experience.

All our wooden handles are hand lathed from locally sourced sustainable material and we ensure the long lasting duration of our own engineered wood. 

We also offer a modular high strength range, where stainless steel of different finishes is paired with modern acetal thermoplastic giving a sleek and sophisticated finish.

Our portafilters are entirely out of stainless steel, built to endure while remaining low maintenance. They feature our own attractive spout and we pride ourselves on the originality of the shape and the removable design. 

We offer reinforced diffuser screens and matching baskets. Our showers dramatically improve water distribution from your machine, thanks to a high strength membrane these will perform consistently for a long period of time even at the busiest cafe. Our baskets are the perfect match, with excellent water flow and an outstanding finish in the distribution and neatness of the hole pattern.

Our latest additions to the Pesado family are the Pesado milk jug and dosing cup. Stainless steel coffee tools finished in satin charcoal colour to enhance the barista line efficiency and  look. The Pesado milk jug has been developed for creative pattern use with the help of Australia's top competitive baristas, it is the first of its kind, featuring an open handle design and an elegant logo badge.

Now where would a barista keep all their tools? This is when the idea of the Pesado barista bag was developed. Modelled after Andrea's (Pesado Director) own bag, this durable canvas and leather bag will keep all your barista tools safe.

Using the same materials as the barista bag we developed our barista apron, featuring space for tools and removable leather details for ease of cleaning.

Pesado is developed for coffee perfectionists in Australia and all around the world through our partners network.