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6 Must-Have Coffee Tools for Every Home Barista 

November 29, 2022 3 min read

 Coffee Tools for Home Barista

Our culture runs on coffee and the smell of freshly brewed coffee marks the start of a busy day for many. If you're anything like that, therefore, you need your daily dose of freshly brewed coffee. For many, that means passing by their favourite coffee outlet; an easy way of getting their daily guilty pleasure out of the way. 

But what if their coffee doesn't cut it for you? What if it's too far from your workplace, or just expensive?—How about freshly brewed homemade coffee?—It's the easiest way to get your daily fix (sometimes 4 times a day), without breaking the bank. Here's what you need to get started:

First: The Coffee-Making Essentials

Before knowing what coffee tools you should have at home, you need to have all the essentials as well. These include:

  • Coffee beans
  • Hot water
  • Filters
  • A mug or cup to pour the coffee into when it is ready
  • Sugar and milk (optional)
  • Spoon
  • A place to put the filters, ground coffee, and water so that it is easy to access
  • Coffee cups and a sleeve for protection against hot drinks

What Tools Do You Need To Make Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage that requires concentration and skilful technique to produce great results. With that said, every home barista needs the right tools to brew a good cup of coffee. Here are some of the must-have tools you need as a home barista:

1). Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders crush beans to give you consistent and uniform-sized ground coffee. For this, an electric burr grinder will do. The most important thing to look for in a coffee grinder is the conical or flat steel burrs. 

The burrs should be extremely sharp and cut through the beans without crushing them. This will help keep the aroma intact during grinding. You also want to ensure that your grinder has enough capacity to grind as many beans as possible within minutes, especially if you need more than a cup per day.

2). Metal Tamper

If you want to enjoy a delightful sensory experience when brewing your coffee, get a quality metaltamper like those from us here at Pesado 58.5. Metal tampers are used to pack the grounds evenly for even extractions. At Pesado, our tampers are precision coffee tools that are relatively inexpensive and can mean the difference between weak-tasting coffee and strong coffee. 

3). Weighing Scale

Weighing scales allow you to know the exact desired weight of coffee beans. Inaccurate measurements could result in under-extracting or over-extracting your coffee for the day. For this, a small scale weighing up to 100g is good for use at home. 

4). Hot Water Kettle

Being a successful home barista calls for commitment. Part of that is paying close attention to the water you're using to brew your coffee. For your kettle, make sure it has variable heating temperatures, a gooseneck for precise pouring, and if possible, an electric one to ensure efficiency. 

 Coffee Tools for Home Barista

5). Coffee Storage Container

Coffee starts losing its power as soon as it finishes roasting. With that said, invest in a coffee storage system other than the bag it was purchased in especially if you plan on storing some ground coffee for a while. Non-reactive metal, glass, and ceramic materials are good places to start. 

6). Coffee Brewing Method

The good thing about coffee-making is that you get to choose what coffee brewing method works for you. Here are some options you can consider:

French Press

French presses help you make a richer, fuller flavour than the regular coffee method by brewing, pressing, and straining all in one. Furthermore, they are also more affordable than electronic coffee machines. 

Coffee Machine

Coffee machines come in different types but they are all typically used to move hot water through coffee grounds. Look for a coffee machine with a high-quality brewing system that can make up to three cups simultaneously. A machine that comes with separate water and milk taps will also come in handy.

Instant Coffee Machine

Instant coffee machines are the fastest way to a perfect cup in any flavour you would like. They make "instant" or "coffee-shop" style brewed coffee in your home. They typically use fewer ground beans than traditional methods, and unlike other manual brewing methods, they make consistent cups.

Final Thoughts

Coffee-making tools are important for a good cup of coffee. While choosing from so many options can be daunting, it doesn't have to be. With these simple tools, you can become an exceptional barista within days! 

For any of the above coffee-making tools and more,Pesado 58.5 has got you. Shop from our range of products now!

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