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La Marzocco: Why Is It Worth The Investment

November 25, 2022 6 min read

La Marzocco coffee machine

La Marzocco coffee machines are easily considered the best coffee machines on the market  that are absolutely worth the investment. Before you decide to buy a La Marzocco coffee machine, let's go over the top reasons why La Marzocco is an investment worth making. Keep reading today’s blog article to learn more!

Why Is La Marzocco Worth The Investment

What exactly makes La Marzocco coffee machines worth the investment? There are many reasons. A few of the top ones include:


Without a doubt, the features that the espresso machines made by the brand are the number one reason why it is a great investment. Different makes and models have different features, but no matter which machine a person buys, they can rest assured it will have useful and modern features. La Marzocco is known for creating coffee machines that have excellent features that are ideal for home and commercial usage. 

Are features important in an espresso machine? They sure are, and this is why a person should consider buying one. Simply compare a few makes and models, and then choose the coffee machine that has the most useful and impressive features. 

The Makes & Models 

The first reason why it's worth the investment is that there are several types of espresso machines the company produces. This includes makes and models such as Leva, Strada, OFB, Linea, and KB90. Each machine the company sells come with its own unique features. 

It's important to note that all of the makes and models are made with high-quality materials. If someone is looking to make great espresso, then any machine will do. However, it's a good idea to consider how often the machine will be used, as well as which features are the most important before making a purchasing decision.

Temperature & Pressure

One of the best things about the coffee machines produced by La Marzocco is their pressure and temperature stability. When it comes to making espresso, steam production plays a critical role. When temperatures and pressure remains stable during the brewing, then steam will constantly be produced. It's a safe bet to say not many other coffee machines offer the level of temperature and pressure stability that La Marzocco coffee machines offer. 

If anyone uses a regular espresso machine, then they are in for a treat when they use a La Marzocco machine. The difference will be noticed right after they make their first cup of espresso. This is exactly why La Marzocco is a great investment. 

Durability & Easy To Clean

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the machines is their durability. Each and every La Marzocco coffee machine has been built to last. Many of them are built with stainless steel and/or other durable materials. If you plan on using your machine frequently or you expect it to be heavily used, then you will appreciate how well-built the brand's machines are. 

Moreover, it doesn't matter which espresso machine a person buys from La Marzocco, they will love how easy it is to clean. La Marzocco machines are designed in a way that is easy to maintain and clean. Generally speaking, it doesn't take a long time to clean a La Marzocco coffee machine. All you have to do is read the instructions that come with the machine and you will have no problems at all keeping it clean. 

La Marzocco coffee machine

Taste Of The Coffee

Nobody wants to invest in an espresso machine that produces subpar-tasting espresso. Unfortunately, many companies sell espresso coffee machines that don't produce great-tasting coffee. Regardless if a person wants to use the machine at their home or for business purposes, the last thing they want is for poor-quality cups of coffee to be produced. 

Thankfully, La Marzocco espresso machines are known for producing high-quality cups of coffee. As soon as you taste the espresso from a La Marzocco coffee machine, you will be immediately impressed. These machines are highly reliable to produce great-tasting coffee use-after-use.  

Tried & Tested

Many companies don't do thorough testing with their espresso machines. All too often they perform quick tests that are often done by a machine or via some other form of technology. One of the best things about La Marzocco espresso machines is that they are built from scratch. In fact, they are handmade, and they are hand-tested. This is why the machines are worth the investment. It's also one of the reasons many people consider the brand's coffee machines to be superior to other brands' machines. 


Let's not forget to mention that the brand's machines are worth the investment because the machines run in an eco-friendly way. In fact, they have eco-friendly modes. Not only that but the majority of the machines have been made with stainless steel parts, as well as have insulated boilers. 

La Marzocco machines are designed to reduce a person's water wastage. You can also enjoy lower energy bills compared to if you were using a different brand's espresso machine. If you want an eco-friendly espresso machine, don't look further than La Marzocco.

The Overall Design

The overall designs of La Marzocco machines are nothing short of impressive. All of the machines have their own unique appearance and are aesthetically appealing to look at. Just like the coffee that La Marzocco machines produce, their designs are of high quality. 

Bear in mind that each make and model does have a slightly different appearance. This is good news because it means people have options. Not everyone is a fan of a specific look. However, with several options to choose from, a person shouldn't have a problem finding a design they will love. 

La Marzocco coffee machine

The Price

La Marzocco is worth the investment because of the prices of their coffee machines. At first glance, the machines might appear to be extremely expensive, but the truth is you get a lot for their money when you purchase a La Marzocco coffee machine. Plus, there are several makes and models to choose from, so it won't be hard to find an espresso machine that falls within your budget.

Customer Support

Finally, La Marzocco is known for its customer service. If you ever have an issue with your machine, you can easily contact La Marzocco. Simply send them an email or give them a call if any issues arise. In response, the team is sure to provide excellent customer support. 

Pesado Accessories Are Compatible With Their Machines

Let's not forget to mention that there's an array of Pesado accessories andcoffee tools that are compatible with La Marzocco coffee machines. This is another reason why the machines are worth the investment. That said, a few compatible accessories include:

1). Competition Shower Screen

Pesado competition shower screens have a filtering capacity of 200 µm. These shower screens are perfect if you want to enjoy high-quality coffee from home. However, they are also good enough to use for commercial purposes, such as within a cafe. 

2). Naked Portafilter Head

The naked portafilter head is an accessory that can improve both the durability and efficiency of a coffee machine. It has been designed to increase performance and strength. The coffee that's produced will have maximum flavour. 

3). Naked Portafilter: Black & Black

Thisnaked portafilterallows you to create the perfect cup of coffee. Just like the previously mentioned accessory, this one similarly improves durability and efficiency. It's also worth mentioning that this portafilter is very easy to use. 

4). Spouted Portafilter Head

The spouted portafilter head improves performance and strength with heavy usage because they are made with stainless steel. The inner surface improves the thickness of the coffee while it's being poured. The spout is also removable, which makes it easy to clean. 

Final Thoughts

Those are the top reasons why La Marzocco is worth the investment. We highly recommend comparing a few La Marzocco coffee machines before deciding which one to buy. Regardless of which model you choose, La Marzocco coffee machines are a good investment that you will surely enjoy for years to come.

If you’re interested to buy a La Marzocco coffee machine and/or accompanying accessories, look no further thanPesado 58.5. We have the best precision coffee tools that will surely enrich your coffee experience like no other.

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