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Is It Better To Grind Coffee As I Need It? 

January 12, 2023 3 min read

Better To Grind Coffee As I Need It

Is it better to grind coffee as and when you need it? Does freshly ground coffee taste better? If so, what are the main reasons behind it? 

Pre-ground coffee is popular due to the fact that you can use it straight after getting it from the shop. However, it’s also well-known that freshly ground coffee tastes better. The main reason behind this is that coffee normally starts to go stale straight after roasting. Moreover, the speed at which it goes stale increases significantly after grinding. Grinding your own coffee beans ensures that you enjoy delicious-tasting coffee, every time. 

Continue reading below to find out the main reasons why you should consider grinding your coffee as you need it. 

Minimise Exposure To Moisture 

The oils present in coffee are water soluble in nature. This means that for you to enjoy the flavours and aromas of your coffee, these oils need to be dissolved in water. However, to dissolve these oils, you don’t need a cup of water because even the moisture in the surrounding air can dissolve these oils. Simply put, your home’s moisture levels can dilute your coffee without your knowledge. 

Grinding your coffee increases the rate of this degradation because it increases the surface area of the coffee. As such, by grinding your beans right before brewing your cup of coffee, you get to enjoy a brew that has a higher concentration of these oils. On the flip side, the oils in pre-ground coffee may have already been diluted even before you picked it off the supermarket shelf. This makesachieving the proper grind even more important.

Better To Grind Coffee As I Need It

Prevent Oxidation 

The flavours and aromas present in coffee are attributed to the complex compounds present in coffee. However, some of these compounds tend to degrade quickly because they are unstable. They change into different molecules when exposed to air molecules as a result of oxidation. 

The oxidation process plays an important role in influencing the character of coffee as it leads to the loss of various desirable flavours and aromas. The oxidation process starts right after grinding coffee. This means that to preserve the aromas and flavours in coffee, you should start brewing right after grinding. 

Minimise CO2 Depletion

Moisture and CO2 have a similar effect on coffee. The transfer of the oils present in coffee to your brew is facilitated by CO2. The CO2 in coffee escapes slowly with time. However, when you grind the beans, you end up increasing the surface area through which the CO2 escapes. 

You can ensure that there is a sufficient amount of CO2 to transfer these oils to your brew by simply grinding your coffee right before brewing. This way, you will be able to enjoy an aromatic and flavourful cup of coffee by extracting a high concentration of these oils in your brew. This is thanks to the preservation of the coffee’s CO2 content. 

Other Reasons

In addition to the above, grinding coffee as you need it also helps you minimise contamination and makes it possible for you to specify your preferred grind size. 

Coffee grounds tend to be very porous. This means that all those aromas and odours in your kitchen are likely to make their way into your coffee, affecting its flavour and aroma with time. Grinding coffee just before brewing minimises the likelihood and extent of this sort of contamination. 

If you normally use different coffee brewing methods, it’s likely that you need to use different grind sizes as well. The best way to ensure that you have the right grind size every time is to grind coffee as you need it. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether it’s to avoid degradation, ensure the perfect grind size or to prevent contamination, there are many reasons to grind coffee as and when you need it. If you’re looking for the perfect coffee grinder, or any other high quality coffee equipment and/or tools, contactPesado today.

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