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  • 5 Important Coffee Tools Every Home Barista Should Have

    January 18, 2023 3 min read

    Important Coffee Tools

    Do you love waking up to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Are you a coffee enthusiast who relishes brewing coffee right from the comfort of your home?

    Coffee making is a meticulous process that requires the use of the right coffee tools to ensure the best results every time! If you already have a preferred coffee-making process, continue reading for a list of five must-have coffee tools for every home barista.

    1). Coffee Grinder

    For uniform and consistent ground coffee, you will need to have the right coffee grinder. Burr grinders and blade grinders are the two main types of grinders you can find on the market. Since a blade grinder is more like a blender, it does not provide consistent coffee grounds.

    On the other hand, burr grinders are designed to grind coffee beans into fine and consistent grounds without crushing them. A burr grinder is a far better choice in this case. Remember, when choosing the right burr grinder, be sure to consider the capacity. A higher-capacity grinder is a great choice if you intend to grind more than one cup of coffee each day.

    2). Scale

    If you truly want to have control over the level of extraction of your coffee every time, you will need a weighing scale. You can use a scale to measure the exact weight of coffee beans to be used in making your coffee. If you want to measure the weight of grounds in a portafilter, get a scale with a tare function. A small but highly accurate weighing scale that can measure up to 100g is more than enough for this task.

    3). Distributor

    A coffee distributor is used to consistently level coffee grounds in a portafilter before tamping. This heavy cylindrical tool is normally placed on the coffee, deposited in a portafilter by a grinder, and spun around several times, distributing the grounds consistently and eliminating any ruts and crevices and even pockets of air.

    A distribution tool helps ensure even extraction by creating an even bed for tamping. While you can use other methods for distribution, a distribution tool helps you ensure consistent results regardless of the type of coffee you are using.

    Important Coffee Tools

    4). Tamper

    If you intend to make delicious cups of espresso at home, you must have a tamper. Simply put, tamping is arguably the most important step when it comes to making espresso. A tamper is used to compress coffee grounds in a portafilter, ensuring that it resists the flow of pressurised hot water that is forced through by the espresso machine. This facilitates proper extraction of the coffee.

    While most home espresso machines are sold with a tamper included, it is recommended that you go out of your way to purchase a high-quality tamper separately. When buying a tamper, choose one that perfectly fits your palm. Furthermore, remember that a stainless steel or wooden handle is better than a plastic handle.

    5). Tamping Mat

    You will also need a tamping mat to keep things tidy, minimise noise and prevent damage resulting from the tamping process. This is simply a black rubber or silicone mat on which you place the portafilter during the tamping process. The mat absorbs the pressure and shock resulting from the tamping process to protect your delicate kitchen countertop from any damage. Any loose coffee grounds are also deposited on the mat to keep things tidy.

    Final Thoughts

    As a coffee lover, the perfect cup of coffee can help you get ready for a productive day. To make the best cup on a consistent basis, you will need to have the right tools for the job as outlined above.

    If you are looking for high-quality coffee equipment and tools, be sure to check out the wide variety available at Pesado

    Please contact us today on (07) 5625 7786 or shop below: