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Tamper - White & Haze

The PESADO 58.5 tamper has been created to perfect the coffee tamping procedure. Our tamper diameter is 58.5mm with a precision machined 90-degree edge to maximize basket coverage.

The sharp edges extend the effective tamping area and get full coverage of the basket, leaving no residue and maximizing consistency. Reducing un-tamped grounds means reducing the chance of channeling, and increased consistency over the coffee puck will result in a more even extraction and a higher extraction yield.

These premium modular handles have been developed for those with luxury in mind. Complemented by Pesado's brand-new haze modular ends, this tamper is sure to look good from any angle.

*new size available, please check you have ordered the correct size

Base - 316 grade stainless steel.

POM Handle - Polyoxymethylene. An engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

Modular Haze End - Signature 7 blend resin cased in an aluminium honeycomb.


53.5mm Tamper - 490g
58.5mm Tamper - 545g

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