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Gravity Distributor

Designed only for the best distribution and extraction.

With Pesado precision technology you know this coffee tool means business.

The All new Pesado gravity distributor comes with a blade design like no other. The blade design is made to evenly distribute coffee around the puck.

58.4mm blade diameter
53.5mm blade diameter

WEIGHT: 467.4g

BLADE TECHNOLOGY: 6 distribution blades.

GRAVITY TECHNOLOGY: Adjustable screw to speed up or slow down the gravity distribution blade, or lock off completely when you find perfect depth.

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Frequently asked questions.

You can tighten the screw on the casing to simply slow down the speed of your distributor, or simply remove the weight inside the distributor.

No, our 6 blade technology is deisgned to work both ways. Feel free to keep spinning until your heart desires.

The Gravity Distributor comes in 2 sizes. 53.5mm and 58.4mm