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Long Black Coffee Guide: How to Brew and Enjoy

September 13, 2023 4 min read

Long Black Coffee Guide: How to Brew and Enjoy

Long Black Coffee Guide: Brew & Enjoy

When it comes to coffee, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique brewing techniques that unlock new dimensions of flavor and aroma. Whether you're a seasoned home barista or a curious coffee lover, mastering the art of brewing and savoring a Long Black usingcoffee equipment will undoubtedly elevate your coffee experience. 

In this comprehensive guide, we're diving into the world of Long Black coffee—a bold and invigorating espresso-based beverage that tantalizes the taste buds and captures the essence of coffee craftsmanship.

Introduction to the Long Black Coffee

At its core, a Long Black is a harmonious marriage of strong espresso and hot water. Unlike other espresso-based drinks, the Long Black showcases a brewing process that involves pouring a double shot of espresso over a larger amount of hot water. 

This unique technique not only highlights the bold and robust flavour of the espresso but also preserves the delicate nuances that distinguish this coffee masterpiece from its counterparts.

Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

As with any coffee endeavour, the journey to a perfect Long Black begins with selecting the right coffee beans. To achieve a flavorful and well-balanced result, opt for high-quality coffee beans with a medium to dark roast profile. 

These roasts impart a rich and complex flavour that harmonises beautifully with the brewing process, ensuring that each sip delivers a symphony of taste.

Equipment You'll Need

Prepare your brewing station by gathering the essential tools. An espresso machine, equipped to deliver a double shot of espresso, takes centre stage in this process. Additionally, a kettle with hot water is essential to balance the espresso's intensity and create the signature Long Black profile.

Step-by-Step Brewing Guide

  • Water Boiling: The journey to a perfect Long Black commences with water just off the boil. This temperature range unlocks the coffee grounds' flavours while maintaining the brew's overall integrity. Heat plays a pivotal role in extracting the beans' essence, offering a sensory journey that celebrates coffee's complexity.
  • Preheating: To ensure the coffee's temperature remains optimal, preheating the cup is a crucial step. By introducing hot water to the cup before the brewing process, you create an environment that preserves the Long Black's temperature, allowing you to savour each moment without haste.
  • Brewing Process: The brewing process itself is a symphony of precision. Begin by extracting a double shot of espresso into your preheated cup. This concentrated espresso forms the foundation of the Long Black's flavour, setting the stage for the infusion of hot water that follows.
  • Ratios and Measurements: The delicate dance between espresso and water is a testament to balance. A standard Long Black requires pouring a double shot of espresso over approximately 100-120ml of hot water. This ratio ensures that the espresso's boldness is enhanced by the hot water, resulting in a harmonious and well-structured coffee experience. 


Art of Layering

An artful technique in Long Black brewing involves layering. Drizzling the espresso over the hot water preserves the espresso's crema and allows the flavours to intertwine gracefully. Witness the mesmerising dance of colour as the espresso weaves its magic within the water, creating an experience that's as visually captivating as it is flavorful. 

Savouring the Long Black

As you take your first sip of a Long Black, prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other. The Long Black's robustness demands attention, while its complexity invites exploration. Savour the flavours and aromas that unfold with each sip, and resist the urge to dilute the experience with sugar or milk—this is a coffee meant to be savoured in its purest form. 

Perfect Pairings

Extend the Long Black's allure by pairing it with complementary foods. Dark chocolate, nutty pastries, or even a slice of citrusy cake can elevate the experience, enhancing the coffee's flavour profile and creating a harmonious culinary adventure.  

Tips for Success

To become a Long Black maestro, embrace experimentation. Adjusting the grind size allows you to fine-tune the extraction process while playing with water temperature reveals different facets of the coffee's character. Let curiosity guide your journey as you refine your technique and craft the perfect Long Black cup.  


The Long Black isn't just a coffee; it's an embodiment of passion, precision, and flavour. As you bid farewell to this guide, remember that your Long Black journey is only beginning. Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, you're now equipped to embark on a quest to brew and savour a coffee experience that's as bold and invigorating as you are. 

Let each cup be a testament to the art of coffee, a tribute to its craftsmanship, and a celebration of the unique and beautiful world that resides within each Long Black.

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